Added game they'll come from the moon

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Michael Taboada 2023-10-02 05:26:52 -07:00
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commit 07d81e6a74
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@ -1202,6 +1202,7 @@ gameList=(
#"The Gate"
"The Great Toy Robbery"
"The Vale"
"They'll Come from the Moon"
"Traders of Known Space"
"Three D velocity"
@ -3055,6 +3056,21 @@ EOF
winetricks -q usetakefocus=n
add_launcher "c:\Program Files\the-vale\TheVale.exe"
"They'll Come from the Moon")
get_installer "" ""
download ""
export WINEARCH=win64
export winVer="win8"
unzip -d "$WINEPREFIX/drive_c/Program Files/tcftm" "${cache}/"
# Weird work around to get keyboard working.
winetricks -q usetakefocus=y
winetricks -q usetakefocus=n
find "${WINEPREFIX}" -type f -name 'nvdaControllerClient.dll' -exec cp -v "${cache}/nvda2speechd64.dll" "{}" \;
add_launcher "c:\Program Files\tcftm\They'll Come from the Moon!.exe"
echo "When the game launches, press the enter key to load the game which will begin to speak."
export bottle="oriol-gomez"
export winVer="win7"