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Here are instructions for setting up audiogame-manager on several distros. If you don't see your distro here, get in touch, and hopefully we can add instructions.

End of Mac Support

The Mac is no longer officially supported. Because of changes and breakage in some of the packages that audiogame-manager depends on, and because none of the developers who actively work on audiogame-manager use the Mac, it is impossible to provide the level of support needed to consider audiogame-manager stable on the Mac. that being said, Mac support is not being officially broken on our end. So if you can get it working that is great, but if not, I am unlikely to be able to help.

If you would like to get the last code before the Mac stopped being supported, please run the following after cloning audiogame-manager:

git checkout fbba315e1b224df002e177b445e9ada8f7a33649

Please note that this will be a static checkout, so new games will not be added. There reported with wine crossover not supporting wine prefixes, so even this may not work for you.

Installing Extra Software

If you want to install something into a wine bottle created by audiogame-manager, you will need to launch it from within the wine bottle itself. This is because the bottles are sand boxed now. So please copy the software to:


Then, to run the installer or software, you would do something like the following:

WINEPREFIX=~/.local/wine/<bottle-name>/ wine "c:\<software name.exe"

Want to donate to audiogame-manager? You can do so on the Stormux Ko-fi page.