Autospeak For Irssi
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Irssi Autospeak

Written ByJeremiah Ticket and contributers!

Adds speech to some events.

This script requires you have speech-dispatcher installed and spd-say in your path.


Place in .irssi/scripts/

Then in irssi do:

/script load autospeak

If you want to autorun the script, place the script in or simlink to ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun/

Automated Install

There is a basic install script, just run:


This install script creates the folder ~/.irssi/scripts/autorun if it doesn't exist and simlinks the script to start automatically.


This script has some settings. Use the /set command to set them. To see the entire section in irssi and what you have them set to do:

/set -section autospeak

Here are the settings.

  • speech_voice - espd-say voice to use (default is en-us)
  • speech_rate - speech rate(-100 to 100) (default is 0)
  • speech_volume - speech volume (-100 to 100) (default is 0)
  • speech_module - Speech dispatcher output module to use (Default is espeak-ng)
  • speech_priority - Sets the speech priority according to speech-dispatcher's priority system (default is text)
  • speak_public_messages <on/off> - Speak public messages; This does not speak all messages by default. [See the next setting.] This only speaks when you are directly spoken to. (Default is on)
  • speak_all_public_message <on/off> - Speak every single message reguardless of if you are mensioned or not. (Default is off)
  • speak_indirect_messages - Speaks indirect messages in public channels, reguardless of where your nick sits in the message; If this if off, public messages will only pseak if directly addressed to you. (Default is off)
  • speak_private_messages <on/off> - Speaks incoming private messages. (Default is on)
  • speak_active_window <on/off> - Speaks the currently focused window (Default is off)
  • speak_dcc_messages <on/off> - Speaks DCC messages; Notifys if a file transfer or dcc chat request.

Explanation of Public Message Speaking

This script is designed not to be very spammy. Public messages only speak when you are directly addressed, unless you have the speak_indirect_message setting on, then it speaks no matter where in the message you are mensioned. If you want all messages spoken, enable speak_all_public_messages


When only speak_public_messages is on,

"<someone> jticket: Hi there!" Will be spoken.
"<someone> Hi there jticket!" will not automatically be spoken.
"<someone> This is a test" Will never be spoken automatically unless speak_all_public_messages is on.

When speak_public_messages and speak_indirect_messages is on, both will be spoken, but the last will still not be spoken unless you set speak_all_public_messages to on.